i hired dave mallozzi in warrington pa to give me a concrete driveway. he said that i would get 6 inches of concrete 6 inches of crushed stone and reinforcement wire.

i later found out through a core sample that there was less than 6 inches of concrete no stone added and no reinforcement wire. he damaged the walls of my garage. there are no expansion joints and the job looks very sloppy. beware of this contractor.

the driveway was installed on november 2009 in one day.

i later found out through other contractor that this is a two day job. a section of the driveway had heaved in the cold and buckled the siding of my garage.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States #1205664

I would be more pissed at your Grammar teacher!

Morrisville, Pennsylvania, United States #957013

Don't hire this company!


This co.s a joke they were working next door and the Co. owner catches my attention and confronts me about the township showing up checking permits, and the guy actually threatens me when I ask him to leave my property, I had to call police.

They did bad work and left a big mess in the street.

A real JOKE. Now I have a problem with my neighbor.


I work for this company and have yet to see Dave treat any customer unfairly, I have been there since late 2009. If he treated customers and / or employees unfairly I would not be here.

I am his estimator and could not survive without good referral sources and happy customers to rely on for references.

I work very hard for the survival of this company and wish you would consider removing the several comments you appear to have made here. Thanks in advance.


Let me tell you from personal experience with david mallozzi owner of D. Mallozzi Landscaping and Concrete Company.

He is bad news and the most uncivilized person you will ever meet. He is a big time cheat and does not stand by his work. The warranty he will give you is a joke.

He is a big time crook and a liar. Stay away from him.


I hired Dave to put in my driveway. In the process his crack pot team crushed our sewer line causing our sewage to overflow into our laundry room.

He had one of awesome employees cut a hole in the drive way to replace the pipe leaving our brand new drive way with a giant ugly cut out in the middle. He refused to fix the cut out. Would not return my phone calls.

When my wife did get him on the phone all he did was curse and yet at her. I think Dave is a *** bag and sincerely hope he goes out of business.


David Mallozzi did concrete work for me and I so regret dealing with him. He is a liar, a cheat, but most of all, this guy is nothing but trouble.

He is bad news people, do not do business with him or you'll regret it. Don't matter what good price he gives, do not do business with him.


read some of the comments made by mallozzi and company .wow does he have class threatening to take my wife and urinate on my garage.beware of mallozzi's bogus website on drainage and masonry. his masons are mediocre laborers and the schedule 40 used will be standard drainage pipe.beware of his false claims.


Stay away from this guy. He is a complete psycho and nothing but trouble.

Stay away. Do not do business with him, it's not worth it.


what u a *** u wont tell no of that to his face tho. You lucky i dont know where your house is to begin with cuz it would look worst then what it did and *** ur nutt *** garage ill *** on it and take ur wife and make her my own so stop talkin dat *** for i find you and break ur *** neck

to real *** buhl Warminster Heights, Pennsylvania, United States #665344

Its easy to yapp yapp on computer or like a phone ***...not one of u has the steel balls to say it to his face cause u would be on a steady diet of pudding and yogurt threw a feeding tube..... .mallozzi has done my stone work my concrete and just did my 60yard long driveway and its 100% rite.....so stop lieing.......sounds to me that ur wife has ur panties in a bunch ......the work was done rite the furst time ....thanks dave.....deemo in abington

to deemo Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States #1205663

He did a wonderful job at my house and his staff was exceptional. It sounds to me, and looks like you have a personal issue with the owner for you to go out of your way to create a website over this.

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